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A Deep Dive Into Bed Bug Treatment Costs

Oftentimes when hiring a bed bug exterminator, people aren’t prepared to hear much it costs and experience what we call “Price Shock”. We want to help anyone looking to hire for a professional bed bug treatment with context that goes into the pricing, and the pros & cons of different solutions. Here is an outline of your options for bed bug removal and costs associated with them:

DIY Pricing

Chemical Spray
$50/Chemical Spray
  • Can save money
  • Can easily learn to DIY
  • Don’t rely on a company
  • Work is un-guaranteed
  • Extra stress from responsibility

What Goes Into Voyd’s Pricing

 There are many factors that go into how much it costs us to do a job. Some of these factors include the size of the job/room, level of infestation, how many people live in the home, the amount of time and supplies needed, size of home, type of flooring in home, and various fire suppression systems. 

Our Service Guarantee is our biggest expense. If there is a high likelihood that the bed bugs have infested the walls or somewhere else we cannot reach, we’ll need to charge more to compensate for the likelihood that we’ll need to come back to finish the treatment (follow up visits are free for our customers within a certain time window). Also, if there are a lot of bed bugs and a lot of people in the home, there are more options for them to hide that may be unusual or unexpected. This is also increases the likelihood of people coming in and out of the home, potentially bringing in the bugs regularly from ANOTHER source outside of the house.

Size of home is another cost factor for us. If we go to a home needing to treat 5 bedrooms, the last 2-3 rooms will heat up much quicker since we’ve already been working in the other rooms that are close-by. Another big cost for us is dispatching technicians to homes. We are able to pass along some savings to bigger homes since our technicians won’t need to drive around as much and the treatments proportionately are quicker to complete. Other factors in the home also may have an impact. For example, sometimes we are able to pass along savings if the flooring is carpeted vs. hardwood as carpets are much easier to heat than hardwood. An example that is more of an obstacle for us is fire suppression systems, like sprinklers. We essentially have to run our heaters at a lower temperature, for longer periods to compensate for temperatures we normally use. 

We hope that you find it helpful for us to outline our costs and they inform what we need to charge our customers. We truly are committed to offering restored sleep to all and because of that are always eager to pass along savings when we can!


How Much Will it Cost to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Myself?

We get a lot of calls where people ask for advice and support with “Do-It-Yourself” methods of extermination. Because bed bugs are so masterful at hiding, it is important that you understand that trying a treatment yourself IS NOT guaranteed to rid of the infestation. Your best chances at success with a DIY treatment are when the infestation is really new and therefore more straightforward as a job. The two methods that you will be able to try on your own are Chemical Sprays, and Heat Treatment by gear rental.

DIY Chemical Spray Treatment Costs

The Chemical Spray that we use is called Crossfire and costs about $40. You will also need to purchase an apparatus to physically spray the chemical. This shouldn’t cost much more than $10. This will be enough for the 3-5 follow up sprays it takes to beat a bed bug infestation. If the infestation is younger, within about 1-2 months, the chemical treatment does have a chance of working and will certainly save you money. 

Cheaper if early infestation

Gain experience by doing yourself

Don’t have to rely on a company

Success not guaranteed

May end up needing to pay more later

Stress of being responsible for family’s sleep

DIY Heat Treatment Rental Costs

Hands down, the best method to getting rid of bed bugs is by Heat Treating infested rooms. To do this yourself, it wouldn’t make sense to buy our $18,000 industrial heating equipment. Rather, some companies offer equipment rentals so that you can try the extermination yourself at home. The cost for rental is about $300/day. The treatment takes about 8-12 hours because electric heaters are the standard, so also expect a bigger electric bill than normal. To ensure the power doesn’t trip, you’ll need to stay present at your home for the duration of the treatment. Since the heat it takes longer to heat up, it is always recommended to keep the house warm overnight and sleep somewhere else. Lastly, there is less peace of mind since the work is ultimately NOT  guaranteed, in contrast to Voyd’s Service Guarantee. 

Cheaper than hiring a professional

Gain experience by doing yourself

Don’t have to rely on a company

Success not guaranteed

Takes 8 – 12 hours per room

High energy bill 

Need to sleep somewhere else

Need to be there during treatment the whole time

Voyd Compared to Competitors

We exist to bring transparency to the bed bug extermination industry – to take the pain, frustration and ambiguity out of the equation with bed bug removal. Most people have never gone through a bed bug treatment and don’t know what to do or who to trust when they discover an infestation. There are so many sources online that say all kinds of contradictory things. You can’t find pricing anywhere on the internet other than some rough estimates from 3rd party sites that don’t actually exterminate bed bugs. We want you to have all the information we have so you can make the best decision for yourself. If that best decision doesn’t involve us, that is okay.

As bed bug specialists, we train our employees and staff on bed bugs and bed bugs alone. We don’t worry about spiders, ants, or rodents and therefore can focus all of our attention on bed bugs. We have extremely specific, tailor made solutions for every kind of bed bug case. We only do bed bugs, and we do them the best. In order to separate ourselves from the competition, we have built a strong process that ensures your bed bugs will be taken care of, no matter what. You pay us a lot of money, and we will honor that with a guarantee that you won’t deal with them anymore — fair warranties that give you peace of mind, but that also don’t inflate our prices.

Give us a call and test us for yourself. We won’t bite!